Coronavirus Safety: Understanding the Risk

COVID-19 is a dangerous virus. At the time of this writing, it has killed more than 132,000 people in the United States.

  • Outdoor gatherings are lower risk than indoor gatherings, but the larger the gatherings and the longer you are there, the higher the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. Situations where people are shouting or singing can spread more of the virus into the air.
  • It can be very hard to practice social distancing at a protest and remain 6 feet apart from other protestors. Face masks should be worn at all times.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid touching objects and surfaces that others have touched.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and use it often, especially before or after touching anyone. Consider bringing enough to share with fellow protestors.
  • Clean microphones or bull horns between users with antiseptic wipes.
  • Remove clothing and masks, preferably in the entryway, to launder as soon as you get home.

Monitor Your Symptoms:

    • Learn the symptoms of coronavirus.
    • If you have been in a group gathering, self-quarantine and regularly monitor your symptoms for 14 days afterwards. Consider getting tested for COVID-19.
    • If you start exhibiting symptoms:
      • Get tested IMMEDIATELY. For more info about symptoms and testing, see the CDC website to find a location near you.
      • Do NOT attend gatherings or protests if you are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 or if you were exposed to someone who had the virus.

Can’t Go Out and Protest? Here’s How to Help From Home:

Whether you’re trying to maintain your social distance or just looking for other ways to speak up, here are some ideas on how to contribute:

  • Selfie for the cause. Post a photo or video on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok about why you support the Strike for Black Lives and essential workers. Don’t forget to use the #StrikeForBlackLives hashtag!
  • Tag 5 friends and challenge them to post a photo/video showing their support.
  • Walk-out. Where you are at noon on July 20, walk out for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • Share. Amplify the movement across the country on July 20 by following  #StrikeForBlackLives and sharing posts all day.

On July 20, 2020 tens of thousands in 160 cities took to the streets to demand Black lives are valued. Join us in continuing to call for justice for Black communities, that elected officials use their authority to rewrite the rules so that Black people can thrive, that corporations dismantle racism, white supremacy and economic exploitation including at work, and that every worker has the opportunity to join a union.

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Take Action:

Rise up with us. Nationwide we will hold strikes and protests. Find an event near you or start your own.

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